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Sexuality & Soul Bodywork   Relish your body, your power and your sexuality! Feel deeply at home in your body!  These sessions focus on deepening your relationship with yourself, your power and your connection with your own body, as well as more consciously relating with others and enriching your enjoyment of body to body connection. You will receive guidance and support in embodying your desires and opening to greater sensual and sexual energy flow.  These sessions are participant led. I follow the trail of what arises within you and what you feel during the session. I incorporate a diverse selection of transformational techniques including self touch and shared touch practices, conscious relating exercises, erotic bodywork, body, genital & anal dearmouring, breathwork, emotional release and expression practices, and shadow hunting.  Transform your relationship with your body and feel your sexual freedom!  I enjoy working with a diverse selection of people of all gender identities and sexual preferences. Whether you identify as woman, man, trans or other, I am keen to talk to you about how these sessions can serve you. Please contact me at Sadhu@ExaltedHeart.com  Shadow Hunting Sessions   Reconnect with your power to create change in your life and choose where you invest your energy!  In these sessions I journey alongside you in tracking the places within yourself that shut you down, keep you small and prevent you from living the life you would choose to, when connected to your freedom and power. I reflect back to you the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck in self limiting ways of thinking and unwanted patterns of behaviour.    I support you to love and affirm yourself, and your capacity to create the changes you want to make in your life, as I guide you in meeting your fears and wounded places. I help you to see the ways in which you push away your fears and woundings, and how your trying to get away from them drives many of the ways you live your life.  In these sessions you are encouraged to deeply connect with, and embody your desires, through working to release the hold of your conditioning and the belief systems that obstruct you in living as you truly desire. Shadow Hunting involves deep self observation and listening, discussion, naming & owning of your core issues, and empowerment coaching. I may also include breathwork, emotional expression & release techniques, conscious relating exercises, and meditation practices.  Learn to wholeheartedly embrace and hold yourself, and allow your deep feelings to move within your body to liberate your stuck places!  Please contact me at Sadhu@ExaltedHeart.com to discuss how these sessions can serve you. Locations, Durations, and Pricing Please note: First time in person sessions are a minimum of 3hours. My minimum in person session time is 2hours. Sessions at my home practice/therapy space in De Baarsjes, Central Amsterdam 3hour Session - Euros 200*  5x 2hr sessions - Euros 650**  5x 3hr sessions - Euros 900**  Online video chat session 1hour Session - Euros 75* Couples Sessions 2hour Session - Euros 180*** 5x 2hr sessions - 800** *Euros 30 for each additional 30mins thereafter. **1to1 5x session packs are valid for 5months from the date of purchase. ***Euros 40 for each additional 30mins thereafter. It is possible to arrange sessions at your home, work place or at a location organized by you. For sessions outside of my home practice space I charge additional fees to cover travel time and costs. Please contact me at Sadhu@ExaltedHeart.com for details. Customized session packages are available on request.  These are built around working with the specifics of your particular ongoing issue. In addition to the session time we spend together, they involve a structured course of homework which you are required to commit to, as well as check in times between sessions via phone call or video chat. Sadhu welcomes skill trade as part payment for the 1to1 sessions he offers.  If prices are beyond your current financial means it may be possible to negotiate a discounted fee, or as mentioned, combine skill trade with a monetary payment. Skill trade involves you offering a skill you have cultivated to a high level of proficiency as part payment for Sadhu’s 1to1 session skills. There are so many possibilities for skill trade from baking to offering a music lesson! Skill trade is agreed upon and organized before you receive your 1to1 session from Sadhu. Please contact Sadhu@ExaltedHeart.com to discuss these options. Cancellations Sessions cancelled 48hrs before the start time can be rescheduled at no extra cost or will receive a full refund (minus a 10% administration fee). Cancellations made less than 48hrs but more than 8hrs before the session start time will receive a refund of 50% of the session cost. Cancellations made less than 8hrs before the session start time will be charged in full. Late cancellation fees apply except in unavoidable circumstances, in which case I may, at my own discretion, reschedule the session at no extra charge or give a full refund (minus a 10% administration fee).