Exalted Heart
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“Sadhu creates and holds an exquisitely refined and yet playful space where you can allow deep, gentle and profound change. ...It’s a space like Home.” - Maddy Schafer (1to1 session recipient) “Sadhu, grateful beyond words for the transformative weekend you and Trish orchestrated for us!  I grew by leaps and bounds this weekend with all the activities, handstands, flying...  You are such a gifted teacher and an amazing bright shining beacon of pure light!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Michelle Vanase Frawley (yoga teacher training participant) “When we first met, I was completely lost and I didn't even know it. I felt drawn to you like I'd never felt before and I just knew that I needed to work with you. I had no idea why or what to expect, but I'm so glad and grateful that we did.  During our sessions you held the space for me, gave me the practices I needed (some of which I still use on a daily basis) and encouraged me to explore. These gifts helped me to listen to my intuition and to eventually add my own intuitive practices onto yours. You helped me to see myself in a completely different way, so I'm now able to see my own courage, strength and beauty..... .....What you gave me is truly invaluable, you helped me to turn my life around. I am forever grateful and you will always have a special place in my heart...” - Wendy Borst (1to1 session recipient) “After a couple of years struggling with a sleep disorder due to a traumatic period in my life, Sadhu helped me regain my sleep and function again in daily life by setting up tailor made  exercises and meditation. Very grateful for this, thanx Sadhu” - Evert De Haas (1to1 session recipient) “...the play session was sheer delight. It developed trust, openness, happiness and friendship in an atmosphere of great fun. A rare treat!” - Guy Hart (Men’s Sacred Contact Play participant) “Wonderful experience with like minded people. I was really impressed with the whole evening... The meeting had a great effect on me personally and I came away with a feeling of elation and peace. ...I genuinely think you are excellent at what you do and have a lasting effect.” - John Williams (Men’s Sacred Contact Play participant) “Every time I take your class it lifts my spirit and fills my body with great positive energy.” - Luis Parada (yoga student) “This group made such an impression on me. I went, not really knowing what to expect, prepared to be underwhelmed. The opposite was the case. It was a warm bath (literally..!!) and a totally judgement, inhibition and self-doubt free daydream. Never have I felt such a strong and visceral connection to men who had been strangers only hours before. Its wonder is that it defies rationality. With a deft touch, Sadhu helps break down barriers and caution. And the time? Gone, like that. Do your heart and body a favour, don't miss the next one!” - Andre (Men’s Sacred Contact Play participant) “...thanks for the classes, I always thoroughly enjoy them and learn a lot.” - Lee Martin (yoga student) “...the massage, unlike any I’ve experienced. ... The contact was surprisingly strong, completely appropriate and communicated slow, huge, subtle infusions of love, reassurance...” - Maddy Schafer (massage recipient) “I went to Sadhu’s yoga classes in Paris Gym, London before he moved to Amsterdam, and it was a treat for both mind and body that always made me feel lighter and just that little bit taller:-) Highly recommended” - Janne Oijer (yoga student) “Thanks for all the inspiring and effective stories and the openhearted and gentle way to be you showed us.” - Daniela Tiben (yoga student) “Thanks for an absolutely amazing soul filled afternoon with a bunch of great guys. Looking forward to the next one!” - Si (Men’s Sacred Contact Play participant) Check out the video testimonial below from Laurel, just moments after having a yoga therapy session with me!